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it sometimes seems as if curbing entropy is our quixotic purpose in this universe


Measuring H = -∑ Pi log Pi through leaf.RandomForestClassifier(n_estimators=maries_consciousness)

dataphile, ambivalent blockchain enthusiast, layman biohacker. seeking antifragility in my strange loop. former Product Lead at Kadena passionate about fintech products that serve the underdogs. Former Chief of Staff for PwC/MSFT partnership software suite of tools for small businesses to better manage their cash, and collect on accounts payable. Started my career leading the venture development arm @ Infusion (now Avanade) bringing emerging technologies like MongoDB to market.

Marie Leaf

"Formal systems can be a difficult and unruly beast because they have lengthening and shortening rules, which can possibly lead to never-ending searches among strings. The discovery of Godel numbering showed that any search for a string having a special typographical property has an arithmetical cousin: an isomorphic search for an integer with a corresponding special arithmetical property. Consequently, the quest for decision procedures for formal systems involves solving the mystery of unpredictably long searches — chaos — among the integers." - Hofstadter


python, pandas, SQL

matplotlib, seaborn,

scipy, scikit-learn

D3.js, R, adobe

node, react

NLTK, tensorflow

solidity, kotlin, pact



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